Gigabyte Geforce 8500GT TurboForce Fan

Just wanna keep a short note as reminder and future reference. Gigabyte Geforce 8500GT TurboForce (GV-NX85T256HP) has a cool feature known as the 3D Active Fan.

Since this is a heat pipe version, the cooling is base on the heat pipe. As for the fan above, it’s built for any 3D rending. Meaning, in normal situation (without 3D), the fan will not work.

The 3D Active Fan allows the fan to switch between being turned off when not needed (2D) and turns on during 3D.

So don’t bugging around claiming that the fan is not working while non-3D graphic is running.

D-Link Wireless Router

It started on the day before yesterday, which was a Thursday. After work and done with my personal stuff, I went home and thought I could sit back and relax with my very own Internet connection. To my astonishment, my router was not working, there ain’t any light signals at all!! And the router was quite hot even when I turned it on for just few minutes. Then Cherry told me that in the afternoon there was heavy thunder storm. She did switch off my router BUT she didn’t unplug the phone line. Hence, router stroke by lightning..

My second Aztech router greets good-bye to me… This is a really old model which I believe you can’t get it in the market today. Big and bulky.

Back then, this Aztech wireless router cost me RM299!! I have 2 Aztech wireless router of the same model. My first Aztech wireless router was not functioning after few months, then I sent back for warranty claim. By that time, I couldn’t wait for one month without Internet, so I purchased (actually Dad was paying, I wasn’t working yet that time) another exact model for easier configuration. I was such a noob back then. I remember requesting the technician came over to my house to help me do the setting. I even asked the technician to setup LAN file sharing for me, yet he failed to do so.  Continue reading “D-Link Wireless Router”

ASUS Eee PC 900

If you see cute mini things, what is your reaction? Will you exclaim something like “Eeeeeeeeeee…it’s so cute!!!”? Suppose most girls will do that. Is that the inspiration for naming this mini notebook the Eee PC? Just kidding..

The triple E from ASUS Eee PC stand for Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to Play.  Its design is really convenient for mobile users. It’s only 0.99kg!! Comes in two colors: Pearl White and Black.

The new Eee PC 900 offers you more options for your mobile computing needs. Incorporating a shockproof design and weighing less than 1kg, you will find it “Easy to learn, work and play” – making it your best outdoor companion anywhere, anytime. What´s more, it features a 8.9 inch widescreen, a 1.3M pixels webcam, and 12GB and 20GB storage capacities for Windows® and GNU Linux operating systems. – [Source]

ASUS Eee PC Continue reading “ASUS Eee PC 900”