Music: Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody)

I am yet a Star Wars fan. Because he loves Star Wars so much, I am always aware with any Star Wars related stuff. If you know me well, music is my life. I am easily amazed by music.

This is one damn freakin’ awesome music performance with awesome choreography! Let me present you the “Cello Wars” by Steven Sharp Nelson.


Guzheng: Chang Jing – Open Music

Do you still remember sometime around last year, I posted about a cool Chinese zither player playing a very soothing music called Breathing? I finally got the full album and would love to share it with all of you here with the same interest!

li xian 离弦

Here’s a little information on the performer. Chang Jing 常静 is borned in China ChengDu SiChuan province. She started playing zither as early as 8. She went to music school and involved in several music association now. “Open Music” or Li Xian 离弦 is one of her album back in 2005.

If you like new age music, you must not miss out this masterpiece. It’s a great combination of Chinese traditional music and modern music! Continue reading Guzheng: Chang Jing – Open Music

Guzheng: Amazing Grace

I believe that “Amazing Grace” is a well known song for most of us. But have you ever heard of a guzheng (Chinese zither) version? Check this out! It’s played by a guy from Singapore under the name of coligar. Basically, he will upload his pieces of work to YouTube. I always enjoy his music – be it Chinese traditional songs or well known songs around us.