Jay’s New Album – Capricorn 魔杰座

What is the hottest hitz in the Chinese pop industry now? No doubt, it’s Jay!! Almost every where, every streets, every corner…you can listen Jay’s new songs broadcasting in the air!

Jay is too popular and his new album has been leaked right before the schedule official released which was on the 14th October. I love Jay’s music, so I have been anticipating this new release for quite some time when I first heard his new leading song – Dao Xiang 稻香 or Rice Aroma. Continue reading “Jay’s New Album – Capricorn 魔杰座”

Video Making: Far Away (千里之外)

I wonder why I didn’t include this in my own blog! Last year when Jay Chou released his new album with the song Qian Li Zhi Wai (千里之外, meaning: far away), me and Cherry made this music video using a game interface, which is Ragnarok Online (RO). Back that time, I hosted an RO private server, so we could easily get whatever we wanted and also easily moved around in the game. Anyway, here is the vid, just in case you never watched before.

Recommendation: download this video to have a clearer view of the wordings/conversation. To download this video, try vixy.net. Click here for tutorial.