Stone Ice Rojak

Rojak, is basically a snack made up of mixture of fruits (or other ingredients) with black prawn paste and grounded peanuts as topping. You must not miss this dish when you are in Malaysia. Last week, Orange and I went to a rojak shop located just at the upper level from my office. (I’m working in a shopping podium) It was so sweet of Orange to visit me during lunch time.

You can pick and choose what fruits or fried snack to mix with the rojak prawn paste! Continue reading “Stone Ice Rojak”

Kolo Mee

Kolo Mee – RM2.40

Kolo mee (干捞面) is an exclusive common yet delicious food in Sarawak. The noodles is boiled in hot water for just a little while and put into cold water to cool down a sec, and later put into the boil water for a few more second again, take out and put it in a bowl of sauce mixture, mix them together and it’s ready to be served. Cha Siew (roasted pork), minced meat, red & green onions and vegetable are used as the topping. Very tasty~~~ Thinking of it just make me hungry.The noodle can be curly or straight, machine made or hand-made. I prefer hand-made as it’s more tasty. Oh, and yes you can choose to have your kolo mee mixed in red sauce or just serve “white”. I prefer with red sauce (叉烧油), as it will taste a little sweet and more delicious. It used to be RM1.80, and price raised as flour and many other daily products raised price…and now the price range can be from RM2.20 to RM2.50 (apply to regular bowl of kolo mee)

Nowadays, west Malaysia also start to have food shop selling kolo mee, and even Singapore has a special shop for eating different type of kolo mee, yet expensive. Still, kolo mee from Sarawak – place of its origin, is the best! Cheap and tasty! If you come to Sarawak (or should I say Kuching?), don’t miss this!

UPDATE: Forget to mention, this is a non-Halal food.