The King has Arrived!

“You really should try Sushi King. Next time if we go KL, I will bring you go eat Sushi King”. That was what I said to Orange everytime we go to a Japanese restaurant. We don’t have to go to KL to eat Sushi King anymore!! Finally, the first Sushi King outlet is now open in Boulevard Kuching!

Sushi King banner

Yesterday, 5th January 2008, was the opening date of Sushi King. A lot of people were dinning in Sushi King. Were they also searching for the longing Sushi King taste just like me? Or simply because want to try out new things in town? Continue reading “The King has Arrived!”

Make Your Own Sushi

Sushi, one of my favorite food. However, it can be considered a luxurious meal if we were to dine outside some sushi restaurants. How about making your own sushi at home?? Although it may not be as perfect as those professionals, yet we still can make some almost-taste-like-pro-sushis, if we can get the correct ingredients with some experiences and practices.Today, I’m gonna share how I made my own sushi. This is neither the best tutorial nor the only way to make your own sushi at home. Continue reading “Make Your Own Sushi”