Gigabyte Geforce 8500GT TurboForce Fan

Just wanna keep a short note as reminder and future reference. Gigabyte Geforce 8500GT TurboForce (GV-NX85T256HP) has a cool feature known as the 3D Active Fan.

Since this is a heat pipe version, the cooling is base on the heat pipe. As for the fan above, it’s built for any 3D rending. Meaning, in normal situation (without 3D), the fan will not work.

The 3D Active Fan allows the fan to switch between being turned off when not needed (2D) and turns on during 3D.

So don’t bugging around claiming that the fan is not working while non-3D graphic is running.

Pet32.exe | MSPetServ

Is Pet32.exe, MSPetServ or even RaveMon.exe something familiar you see in your PC? All these are unwanted worm that can infect your PC and slow down the performance speed, as well as being harmful to your PC.

MSPetServ should not be running at startup. It is likely a virus, spyware, trojan, or some other sort of malicious program. Use a virus scanner, and/or spyware removal tool to remove it.

Recently, my PC has been suffering from such “disease”. Normally transfer through your USB drive / pendrive / thumbdrive. I found this very irritating. Continue reading “Pet32.exe | MSPetServ”