Kuma-Kuma Hanger

l the time I received comments on whether I know where to get Kuma-Kuma related items like plushies or accessories in the U.S. I used to know a website based in the U.S. which sold Kuma-Kuma before. Other than that, I don’t know where else can you get it.

But I believe there must be some where you can get Kuma-Kuma. They are too adorable.


Today, I went to Kuching International Airport. There is a shop that sells a lot of plushies. I saw a lot of Kuma-Kuma hangers for sale. It’s quite common to find this cute turtle in the gift shops here around in Kuching.


These Kuma-Kuma hanger is sold at RM4.90 each.

How can you resist its cuteness??