Isabella’s Cafe

Yesterday after digging the archives about local food from Jimmy’s blog, I decided to go to one of the cafe that he had mentioned. So me and Orange went to this place for our dinner. It’s the Isabella’s Cafe, a cafe located quite near to my house. I’ve seen this cafe before and even heard of friend mentioning about it. And because I saw very beautiful pictures from Jimmy’s blog, I just can’t wait to go visit this cafe myself. This cafe looks very simple from the outside. There’s chairs all around and a see-saw, not really attractive from the outside.

There’s a sign written in Chinese saying “Please take off your shoes”. So, we took off our slippers and stepped into this cafe. Continue reading “Isabella’s Cafe”

Westwood: Cheap Western Food

Like to eat western food with an affordable price? Normally, here in Kuching, you go to those cafe/restaurant to eat western food, it costs more than a normal meal. Although the atmosphere is nice, when you pay the bills you will go ouuuchhh~~ (if you’re rich than that’ll be another case)

Westwood Continental Cuisine is a nice place to have a cheap and tasty western meal. You can choose to have your “western food” cook in the western style or the continental style. Prices are really reasonable and food are really delicious. Highly recommended to those who are in Kuching and love western food. Once you walk into this restaurant, you can see they have made it very colorful and simple. The only bad thing about this restaurant is, it’s quite warm inside, only fans and no air-cond.

Yesterday, me, Orange and one of our friends went to Westwood to have our dinner. Their business are always very good, a lot of customers, but it didn’t take up too much time to wait for our food to be served. It cost us about RM37 for the food. We ordered Fish N’ Chips, Lamp Chop, Pork Chop, Soup of the Day and Garlic Bread. Really reasonable. The beverage there is standard too, meaning just like the normal price you see in normal Kopitiam (cafe). Continue reading “Westwood: Cheap Western Food”